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  • Source: Life & Work
  • Date: October, 2003
  • Author: Lynne Robertson

This is a deeply fascinating read for anyone endeavouring to square Christian beliefs with finance and is searching for ways to bring spiritual ethics to day-to-day finances. Written by a former Life & Work columnist, author, broadcaster and financial writer, it questions every facet of our financial life, from how life's lessons on cash can be learned in childhood, the importance of maintaining a life-work balance, and the importance of ethical investment.

In educating the reader, the author also demonstrates the importance of social capital in helping to break free from the constraints of the money merry-go-round which now dominates the lives of so many.

As a specialist financial writer, the author also offers a fresh perspective on land ownership and the world's financial markets.

In a final piece of advice to readers on how to use the lessons of the book wisely, the author concludes: "Our best chance of understanding this mad, dangerous, won-derful world and the people who inhabit it, is to keep God onside for dear life, place him in the very centre of our lives and follow the money."

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019
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