• Source: The Scotsman
  • Date: 26 August, 2000
  • Author: David Cunningham

Money is an aspect of life rarely touched upon in modern fiction. Most authors regard it as too vulgar a subject to win them consideration for really serious literary prizes. However Antonia Swinson knows that money exposes what really motivates people, an insight she shares with a markedly different author: Anthony Trollope. It is this aspect of The Love Child that lend particular interest to what might otherwise have been a routine slice of commercial fiction.

Harriet Longbridge - married to a feckless art dealer - is intrigued by a painting of a young Scottish woman inherited from her mother-in-law.

Her fascination takes her to Largs, where she finds love, success and a new path in life. Though it lurches into absurdity towards the end, it is entertaining and the way it weaves its disclosures about Trollope into a slick, racy narrative will probably infuriate academic scholars.

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019
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